Packing and Quality Control

Creation, Quality Control and Standard

This creation unit utilizes Vacuum Bottom (VB) as the fixing.

This buildup is the base material for delivering various sorts of bitumen. Albeit at times it qualifies as a clearing level material with no guarantees, it is frequently delicate and needs to be dealt with (for instance by air circulation) to improve its conditioning point prior to being fused into a street asphalt or in a rooftop framework. In air circulation—likewise alluded to as oxidation—a progression of complex compound communications like dehydrogenation, polymerization, and buildup occur that make the bitumen all the more solid by expanding the carbon-to-hydrogen proportion, taking into consideration the creation of different kinds of bitumens. This modern unit has all the fundamental hardware to create bitumen from characteristic tar.


All through its short presence on the scene, Al Irtehal petroleum and services has had a diligent accentuation on quality as its clear, rigid norm. Creation of clearing grade bitumen, RC and MC bitumens, and altered bitumens as requested by the client are generally reminiscent of the great nature of our locally delivered, trade grade bitumen items.

Drum Filling

Al Irtehal petroleum and services has initiated its drum filling line with a limit of 1200 barrels for each shift, which means 3600 barrels in a three-shift day.
Adjusting the creation with consistently expanding requests and biological system safeguarding principles. Al Irtehal petroleum and services has completed a self-situated logical methodology, just as broad examination abilities preparing for genuine developments for forestalling harms to the environment. That being said, Al Irtehal petroleum and services takes as its norm to meet all client necessities from a clearing grade bitumen—including 30/40, 40/50, 60/70, and 85/100, just as client requested altered items—rapidly, without bargaining the neighborhood biological system.